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I had a huge craving for chocolate cake the other day and it was only made worse because a friend had recently acquired a whole chocolate motherlode cake (well a half size one, so only 3 layers) from Claim Jumpers and she was showing me pictures of it.

Now, as much as I like the motherlode, I can’t really eat a whole one.  Even a slice is way too big.  When I get a slice, I always get it to go and it’s dessert for six days running.  What do you do when you want chocolate cake and you don’t want to buy a whole cake?  Microwave mug cake.  Def.

Now, if you’ve ever tried making a microwave mug cake and was entirely put off by the experience, I can’t blame you.  I too have been utterly disappointed by microwaving cakes.  Because…it’s a microwave.  And microwaved foods often have an…interesting…texture.  But I’ve finally found a recipe that produces a really great cake texture, probably because it doesn’t involve eggs.  It’s a recipe from tablefortwo and she even has a vanilla variant if you’re weird and don’t like chocolate.

WP_20141024_22_10_04_Pro 1WP_20141026_13_53_08_ProNotes:

  • I’ve made the cake with both Hershey’s Special Dark (top) and regular cocoa powder (bottom).  I also tend to use very generous tablespoons.  I’m really fond of chocolate, guys.
  • I substituted the milk for plain soy milk, because that’s what I had on hand.  Works just fine.  And the plain soy milk I have has a slight vanilla flavor to it, so it works well with the cake.
  • She microwaved for 70s at 950W, which I find to be just right.  I have a 1300W microwave, so I microwaved for 80s at 70% power. Came out nice and fluffy.
  • I think I might try stuffing a dollop of peanut butter in next time instead of Nutella.  It’s really good with Nutella, but I’m a big fan of the chocolate/pb combination.

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