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You may have noticed with the last post that there were rolls that looked suspiciously not like cinnamon rolls.  That’s because they weren’t.  You might remember that I mentioned that I made cranberry nut rolls with the other half of the dough.  Because…I had.

I had a great deal of cranberry sauce (1lb of fresh cranberries, 1 cup of water, 0.75 cup granulated sugar, boil to death) leftover from Thanksgiving.  This isn’t really a problem as I’m very fond of cranberry sauce.  In fact, I typically make too much cranberry sauce and then jar it to use as jam through the year.  But I saw someone had made cranberry sweet rolls, like cinnamon rolls but with cranberry sauce.  I decided I would have to give that a try too, especially since I was going to make cinnamon rolls already.

The first attempt yielded rolls that didn’t have enough sauce.  The recipe I originally saw suggested half a cup of cranberry sauce.  That wasn’t enough cranberry punch for me.  I was kind of ambivalent about the black pepper too.  It wasn’t bad, but it was distracting me from the cranberry.  I really like cranberries.

Also, it was really hard to roll.  Cranberry sauce is…a sauce.  There isn’t much friction to allow you to roll.  I have the feeling it wouldn’t have been as much of a problem if I used her recipe for the dough.  Hers baked up kind of like shortbread so I would guess that it would be easier to work with and roll with cranberry sauce.  I used a more traditional, softer dough that you would associate with…cinnamon rolls.  It made everything rather squishy.

Anyway, the second attempt I used a full cup of cranberry sauce and also a half cup of chopped walnuts spread over the sauce and I left out the pepper.  This made it much easier to roll, gave me a nice cranberry punch, and gave the whole thing some texture.  I think I like this version of the cranberry roll.

I actually did end up icing the cranberry nut rolls because I had leftover icing.  Meh.  I think it was better without.  I did a nicer looking job with the icing on the cranberry rolls though.

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