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So, this was a thing that happened recently.  Peppero finally took one spill too many.  Granted, I may have launched Peppero into the air.  And Peppero may have landed glass first on the asphalt that happened to be in possession of a lot of pebbles.  Sugh.  Anyway, Peppero has officially been retired and is awaiting face replacement surgery as he’s a perfectly serviceable phone…aside from the fact that it’s really difficult to read anything on the screen.

Derrick (as in gallows) is my new phone.  He takes a nano SIM.  It was very annoying because I hadn’t realized that at first.  I had to cut down my existing SIM (because I am not into paying this “activation fee” and 2198379238271 other fees) to fit the SIM tray.  It worked out just fine.  The actual chip is in the middle of the card.  The bit of gold plating I’m cutting away is just part of the contacts.  You can see from the wear lines where the pins actually touch the contacts.  I wasn’t cutting away anything that was being used.

Anyway, say goodbye to Peppero, and let’s give Derrick a warm welcome.


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