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So, I went and made a thing. What was supposed to be cinnamon rolls ended up being a whole loaf of bread. Not that I had actually started making cinnamon rolls and then halfway through decided to turn them into a loaf of bread. I made that decision before I started. I didn’t really feel like making a roll and then cutting everything up. I kind of just wanted to plop it into a pan and be done with it. And also, I had found this recipe from the Pioneer Woman that I wanted to try out. So I did.

This wasn’t really less work than making cinnamon rolls. Or at least, it’s not quicker than making cinnamon rolls since there’s so much time spent proofing dough. The end result looks very nice though. Very pretty loaf of bread. And it smells wonderful. However, I think next time I might change the cinnamon sugar mixture to brown sugar and cinnamon. I might even up the sugar content a bit. I added more cinnamon as per usual, and left the sugar the same. I think the bread could be a little sweeter. Oh, and I just brushed milk over the top of the loaf for browning. I didn’t want to crack another egg.  Also, I think I might try and incorporate buttermilk into this recipe next time too.

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