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Daily Archives: March 27th, 2015

Here’s a thing that I baked. Yup, I baked donuts.

SavedPicture-201532772037.jpgYou’ll recall that I tried this before but ended up with a recipe that was much better as a muffin.  This time I went with a King Arthur Flour recipe.  I made it to recipe, using 0.75tsp of nutmeg and left half of them as is and added chocolate chips to the other half.  The plain ones got a shaking of cinnamon sugar and the chocolate chip ones got a nice dunk in ganache (3oz chips, 0.25c soy milk, yes…soy milk).


I still don’t have a donut pan. It takes some time to make all the foil pans, but I don’t have to store another specialty pan.

You’ll note that I got some batter on the middle section of some of the pans.  Yeah…try not to do that.  You’ll end up with donuts that want to try and be muffins.  But otherwise, the donuts were really good.  I wasn’t sure about the nutmeg at first, but it’s not overpowering at all.  I ended up liking both versions of the donuts quite a bit.