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The other day I really wanted a chocolate cookie.  Like…REALLY wanted.  So I made some.

I found this recipe from the meaning of pie and gave it a try.  I believe the original recipe was from Cook’s Illustrated.  As an aside, if I can ever find a way where I can work at America’s Test Kitchen…I think I would gladly quit my job with THEM and work there instead.

The results were just what I was looking for.  Very chocolatey.  Very dense.  Very chewy.  It’s a bit like a brownie in cookie form.  The only alteration I made to the recipe was to add in about 1.5tsp of cinnamon to the dry ingredients, because I really like chocolate and cinnamon pairings.  I definitely recommend the cinnamon.  I might even add more cinnamon next time.  (Yes, I was using the Saigon cinnamon.)

I got about 30 cookies out of the batch because I was using a size 24 scoop.  The next smallest one I have is a size 50 and that was too small.  I like my cookies on the larger size.

The cookies themselves look really nice.  They’re nice and craggy and crackly on top and have a nice even chocolatey brown to them.

You should definitely give this recipe a try.


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