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Daily Archives: July 31st, 2015

I have mentioned before that Yaris has given some thought into developing her career.  It seems like Horse has been doing the same.  Only, his career choices are…different.

It seems like one of his choices is to actually be a horse.  I’m pretty sure he knows that he’s a dog even if I call him Horse.  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t think he’s actually a horse.  But yet…I see him out in the yard grazing a lot of the time.  He doesn’t seem to mind giving things rides on his back.  And he might actually be fooling other people into thinking that he’s a horse.

One time, I was working from home on a gardener day.  They didn’t know I was home.  Yaris went out to greet the gardeners and supervise their work, because she’s bossy.  The gardeners greeted Yaris and then asked her where her horse is.  Then they proceeded to call out “Here Horsie!  Here Horsie!”  They actually asked Yaris several times where her horse was.  Horse was a butt and decided to stay inside and ignore the gardeners.

As far as I can tell, Yaris has never treated Horse like an actual horse so that the gardeners would think Horse is a horse.  Thus I can only conclude when Horse goes out to greet the gardeners, he acts like a horse.  Maybe they end up hitching him to a wheelbarrow and have him pull the grass clippings out to the trash can.  Maybe they feed him oats out of a feed bag.

Other horse-like things Horse does is to be overjoyed when I give him vegetables or fruits.  He seems to really like lettuce.  He also seems to really like basil.  I’m pretty sure he ate one of my basil plants.

So, it seems like Horse wants to actually be a horse for his career.  I think I might need to sit him down and explain to him what exactly a career is and how he can’t actually be a horse.