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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Yes, it would be entirely reasonable to expect a well thought out, longer, sillier, ridiculous post today because of the holiday weekend.  But no, I don’t have one for you.  Because…reasons.  Instead, it’s a filler.

You remember the travel watercolor palette I purchased for myself as a self-pity gift?  I’ll play with it from time to time when I need to take my mind off of things.  Here’s a robot watching the sunset.  You know, as they do.  I have a tendency to put robots in things when I’m making stuff not related to a project.

Looking at it now, I don’t think this is the final result since I haven’t signed it yet.  I must have added some small details after I took the photo.


I really thought I posted this before.  But I just went through nearly my entire posting history and did not see anything related to scones.  No idea what happened there.  Anyway, I’ve just decided to call these jam divot scones because you have a divot in the middle of the scone for the jam.  Or preserves.  What have you.

So, I’ve been trying to clean out my fridge again.  You know, as one does.  I actually seem to do this a lot.  But anyway, I came across 1823928732 jars of jam.  Or preserves.  What have you.

Normally, I would make filled shortbread cookies, but I didn’t really feel like making shortbread cookies.  It takes a long time since I have to dig out the cookie press.  I suppose I wouldn’t necessarily HAVE to dig out the cookie press, but I have one and I’m going to use it!  Or not.

Anyway, I didn’t want to make cookies but I still wanted to try and use up some jam and then I remembered scones and how people sometimes eat scones with jam.  And then I remembered that I saw a scone recipe on Joy of Baking that involves jam.  Or preserves.  What have you.  So I made some.

She calls them scones filled with preserves.  I call them jam divot scones.  Why?  Because…this.


I didn’t make the center well large enough for the runnier jams (reduced sugar raspberry and strawberry).  The apricot preserves divot scones turned out ok.  But…my hobby might be baking volcanoes.  Because almost all of my cranberry galettes have turned out like volcanos.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever posted a photo of my volcano galettes.  I may be too lazy to look it up right now.  But volcano galettes aren’t all that bad because the resultant volcano spew is sweet and smoky and cranberry-y and quite delicious.

Oh, and the scones are good.  But I quite like buttermilk-based scones.  They’re a bit biscuit-like, but sweeter.  I ended up getting 12 2.5″ scones out of the dough even though she got 8.  I will probably make them again and use up the rest of the jams in the fridge.  And then on to the ones in the pantry.  WHYYYYYYY.