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I’m trying to clean out the fridge/freezer/pantry again.  Like always.  I took an inventory just recently.  SMH.  At least my grocery bill will be relatively small for the next few months?  So in this edition of me making stuff, I made dinner with an old onion, a bunch of red potatoes, and chicken thighs.

The potatoes and onion were diced and thrown together with a packet of onion soup mix and oil and then baked at 425degF until tender.  Normal stuff.  I like adding other vegetables to the mix when I make potatoes like that.  It increases the number of vegetables people are eating, thus helping empty the pantry/fridge faster.

The chicken I ended up dredging in a mix of poultry seasoning, grated parm, and red pepper flakes (no measurements, just eyeballed to see if I had enough for all the chicken), then dipped it into an egg wash, and then dredged that in some panko.  I put that in the oven with the potatoes and then forgot that I wanted to take it out before the potatoes were done.  The result was that the internal temp of the chicken thighs (boneless) reached about 190deg.  Oops.  It was ok though.  Chicken wasn’t tough.

I paired the potatoes and chicken with a salad and tada!  Dinner!  I got rid of maybe 2lb of potatoes and 1.5lb of chicken this way.  And it was pretty good.  The chicken baked up nice and crispy and the flavor of the crust was nice, not too overpowering.  Next time, I’ll probably add a little salt to the mix though.

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