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Monthly Archives: February 2016

I don’t read the Game of Thrones books nor do I watch the TV series. Why did I end up playing this game? Because they needed a third player who was willing to play a multi-hour game with them.

My brother’s friend, whom I basically regard as another younger brother, is a big Game of Thrones fan. He bought the board game (I believe the second edition), because he likes board games and also the TV series and probably the books, and then was sad because there wasn’t anyone to play with. That’s something I can relate to. Anyway, while my brother was home on break, he asked us if we’d be willing to play the game with him because he knew my brother and I both like board games. We agreed, but I made the caveat that he had to tell us when, because I would have to arrange my schedule for a four plus hour long game.

The verdict? Because I don’t really know anything about the GoT universe, it’s really just another fantasy strategy game to me. I like them, but I think since it’s fairly heavily themed, it’s probably a game that would be more thoroughly appreciated by fans of the series.

The game itself is fun enough. We had to play a shorter variant, since there were only three of us playing. I think I lost terribly because it was my first time playing and I wasn’t familiar with all the game mechanics and strategy. It’s been a while since this happened. But I remember it being pretty fun still. Set up is a pain. That often is the case with these types of games.

WP_20160109_14_07_19_Rich_LI (2)

As seen from my vantage point. I think I was playing Dragonstone? Is that a house?

This definitely isn’t a game that I would play with the younger kids. It gets pretty complicated and the GoT universe itself isn’t really appropriate for children. Also, the game is very long. I don’t think any of the younger kids would be willing to sit through a four hour long game.

Remember when I made a bunch of no knead pizza crust and only used half of it on some mini pizzas?  I ended up using the other half to make calzones because I’ve always wanted to try and make calzones.  And also Stromboli.  I think I’d really like to make Stromboli some time too.


Anyway, I ended up making four calzones over a couple of days.  They were pretty good.  I stuffed them with the last of my tomato sauce, shredded mozz, onion, green bell, mushrooms in two of them, mild Italian sausage, and fresh basil.  I didn’t use any egg or water to help hold the crimped edge.  The dough was sticky enough already.  I generally find this to be the case when I make the dough as opposed to using something store bought.  I did use an egg wash over the top of the calzones.  They came out a beautiful golden brown and they smelled so good.

In the first two calzones, I didn’t use a lot of tomato sauce or cheese.  As a result, I didn’t think it tasted pizza-y enough for me.  It was just a stuffed bread roll.  So, the second batch, I made the top and bottom layers sauce and cheese and it was better.  It also made those two calzones gigantic.  I had a little trouble trying to get them closed without ripping a hole in the dough.