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It’s been a while.  About a month, actually.  And in this intervening month, I’ve decided that I’m going to have to knock the posts back to once a week.  Didn’t quite make it a year with the twice a week posting schedule.  Actually…looking back, it’s kind of impressive that I posted twice a week (most weeks) at all.  It’s been an eventful time.  So anyway…here’s a thing that I made somewhat recently.

WP_20160717_09_24_05_Rich (2)

I had meant to replenish my stores of posts over this last month but it just didn’t happen. So here’s a picture of an ugly cake that I baked.  I’ll post details about it next week, I guess.  But in case you’re wondering, it’s an ugly blueberry lemon cake with lemon cream cheese frosting.

I guess this is pretty much a filler.  I came back from a hiatus with a filler.  Go me.  Really ambitious.  Always overachieving.


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