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KAF bakealong #3! This time, it’s a loaf bread! Or at least, I decided to make it into a nice sandwich-type loaf bread. Yay!

I made the bread as is, with active dry yeast because I almost never have instant yeast on hand (1:1 swap this time). I did use KAF white whole wheat flour though! I actually went out and got a bag. But, I used my normal AP flour instead of the KAF AP flour. Aaaand, it turned out pretty nicely. I made it once in a weird sized loaf pan. It was maybe 9.5″x4.5″? I don’t remember exactly, but it was weird. Second time, I made it in an 8.5″x4.5″ loaf pan. I got new loaf pans because the old ones were weird but also, they were starting to flake inside. My mom had gotten some cheap ones and left them with me. I think they were non-stick and when the coating starts to flake, it really is time to get new pans. Which I did. Yay! (My new ones are from USA Pan, btw.)

So…with this challenge, I think I won’t be buying bread for sandwiches and toast anymore. Well, not on a regular basis at least. I like to bake, this doesn’t take a whole lot of time or effort, and I get some nice, fresh bread in the end.


Here are some sandwiches made from the first attempt in the weirdly sized loaf pans.


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