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I made a lot of sourdough English muffins. I make a lot of sourdough based things when I’m trying to ramp up a starter, in this case the original Chuck, because of all the discard between feedings. I don’t like to throw them away, so I keep trying to find new things to stick sourdough in. KAF is really nice resource for this because they have a whole section of recipes dedicated to sourdough discard. So…I made sourdough English muffins.

The thing with this recipe is that it makes A. LOT. of English muffins. It was ok because I didn’t have any other bread at the time, so I used the English muffins in place of sliced bread for sandwiches and stuff. Or I would toast one to go with my chili or something. But I still had to freeze half of them. At least bread products freeze well.


Because Chuck wasn’t as active as an established starter when I made the English muffins, they only have kind of a whiff of sourdough flavor to them. But they have really great texture and they crisp up nicely in the toaster. I would try making them again with an established starter.



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