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Category Archives: storytime

One time when I was taking out the trash cans, I got distracted by something moving erratically in my peripheral vision.  It was long and skinny and flopping around kind of crazily.  I was pretty sure it was a lizard’s tail, but it was flopping around and twisting so crazily that at first it kind of looked like a small snake.

Yes, a small snake.  Meaning, it was a rather long tail.  Meaning, it must have come from a rather large lizard.  Large enough that you’d think I would have seen a lizard running around.  But I never did.  There was no evidence of a lizard.  Other than its tail flopping around by the trash cans.

Anyway, I watched the tail writhe on the floor for a while because I was wondering how long it would keep that up.  My brother decided to come out and join me in watching the tail.  He expressed a moderate amount of disgust.  Yaris was very interested in the tail as well, but I told her she wasn’t allowed to go close to it.  So she went to do something else (in a huff).  The tail gradually ramped down its theatrics for about 5 minutes and was probably completely still after about 10.  I left it there.  I forgot to check on it the next morning but I’m going with the assumption that some animal carried it off for a snack.

I feel sorry for the lizard.  I’m sure losing one’s tail is quite stressful.  And then you have to expend the energy and resources to grow a new one.  And the new one is never the same as the old one.  If I had seen the lizard, I would have let it escape without any issues.  I had no intention of harming it.  I like lizards.  They’re friends.  Poor lizard dropped its tail for nothing.

Anyway, here’s a smallish article on lizards dropping their tails.

Ok, this is nothing new.  We already knew that Yaris is a punk.  But she did something the other day that just…wow.  What a punk.

Horse was rubbing at his face the other day with his front paws and legs.  I often tell him he needs to learn how to clean his face.  I guess he was taking my advice.  At one point, he decided to stand up and continue to rub at his face.  That’s when Yaris came in from the backyard and paused a moment to watch what Horse was doing.  Then she sauntered forward toward Horse, waited for a prime moment, and then head-butted him!  All of these actions were deliberate actions.  At no point did it seem like she was just doing a random string of actions for no particular reason.  She definitely decided to head-butt Horse.  Then she watched him lose his balance and stumble.  At least she didn’t sit down and laugh at him afterward.  What a bully.  Punk.

She was aware that I saw the whole thing too.  But she still came over afterward like nothing was amiss and asked if she could hop onto the couch.  😐