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I took my random day off again in January again.  Last year, I went to the beach with the dogs.  One of the reasons I tend to take my random day off in January is that I’ve really wanted to take the dogs up to the mountains to see their reaction to their first time seeing snow.  It’s just…never worked out.  Either it was too hot and there was no snow, or no snow when I happened to be able to take a day off, or my day off had to be dedicated to something else other than taking the dogs somewhere fun.  Anyway, this year it finally all worked out.

I ended up taking the dogs up to Big Bear because 1) I wanted to see how they’d react to snow as neither Yaris nor Horse have seen snow before and 2) I wanted to drive mountain roads.  I’ve always enjoyed driving mountain roads.  And having a Subaru, the likelihood of me needing to drive with chains is much lower.  Driving with chains isn’t nearly as fun.  It’s loud and if you don’t want to melt your tires, it’s slow.

So, here’s Yaris modeling in the snow.  Because she thinks she’s a model.

WP_20170127_11_55_59_Rich_LI (2)

What a butt.  But anyway, it’s another one of those photos of Yaris that I find soothing and calming.  I do find it funny how icicles were forming on her belly fur (I dried her off before we headed back down the mountain so she wouldn’t have a soggy belly).

As for her reaction, there wasn’t much of one.  I kept pointing at snow piles and she was all, “yes, it’s white over there and it makes my paws cold.”  It was hard to find an area where I could let her off leash and play in a big pile of snow though.  The picnic area I had intended to go to was too full with families with small children.  The pile she’s on here is actually just edge portion of a giant mound a snow plow pushed to the side of the parking lot.  After I kept pointing at it, she finally went up a few times to sniff around.  But she didn’t seem to really care that there was snow on the ground.

Horse didn’t care much for the snow either.  He just made a lot of yellow snow.  Because he’s a horse.  Also, he’s not a very good model, so I don’t have any pictures of him modeling in the snow.  Here’s one of him walking with Yaris downtown though.


I think the dogs had fun.  Horse was exhausted by the time we left.  He slept all the way home.  Lazy.

Horse is getting old. He’s having a hard time regulating his body temperature now in that, he’s having a hard time keeping warm when it’s cold outside. He’s already at a disadvantage as compared to Yaris since he doesn’t have Yaris’ thick, double coat (which incidentally came in extra thick this year, so it means I’ll have enough fur for like three Yarises in the spring). Add to that his advancing age and…Horse is just cold. So I made him a sweater.

You may remember that I’ve done this once before for one of my other dogs when she became an old fart. She was an older fart than Horse is now when I made her the sweater, but Horse is just…such a big dog…and a purebred Lab on top of that. Choco was this weird mutt and smaller and was running with me all the way until she was about 14 years old.

Anyway, I made the same dog sweater pattern as before, again in the XL size, even though Horse is considerably bigger than Choco was. This was possible because I used a bigger needle. The pattern calls for F and G size hooks. I ended up using I and J size hooks. And I took specific pains not to pull my stitches too tight. I always end up pulling my stitches really tight. I’m not sure why that is but I almost always do it.

Btw, there’s an error on the pattern as printed that I don’t think I pointed out last time. When making the second side of the leg opening, you want to continue your stitches all the way to the end. So, if you’re following the XL pattern, the second side of the leg opening should be 16 dc total, like the first side. That will give you a total of 120 dc across (counting the 12 dc skipped for each leg opening). The same applies for the joining row.

The sweater turned out pretty good, I think. A-pusher donated the yarn for Horse and I tried to pick out the colors that were the most clashy. Because I wanted to make an UGLY dog sweater. I wanted him to be very embarrassed by his sweater. Overall, I think I succeeded. Horse was warm and not shivery anymore and when we would go out for walks at night, he would try and hide behind me whenever a car would pass by. I choose to believe that it was because he was very embarrassed by his sweater and not coincidence.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, as I ran out of different colors of yarn, I would just replace it with whatever yarn color that made the biggest pile of yarn. So, you can see when the coral yarn starts to show up in places where it wasn’t supposed to originally. And the sleeves (yes, I actually made the sleeves this time!) are pink/blue and all blue. It makes me laugh.

Also! I rather like the ribbing at the collar.