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I took a random day off work recently and took the dogs to the beach.


Yaris, the princess dog, is as photogenic as always.  But really, I quite like this picture.  It’s my new phone lock screen background.  I find it very soothing and calming.  Actually, there are several things that Yaris does that I find very soothing and calming.  I should register her as a service dog so I can take her into more public places with me (no, I would not actually do that because it’s a jerk thing to do and muddies the waters for people who legitimately need service dogs).

WP_20160127_13_05_15_Rich_LIHorse looks like a doofus per usual.  It’s quite difficult to get a picture of him when he doesn’t look like a doofus.  He enjoyed himself though.  He walked into the water to see what it was like, he got to sniff lots of new smells, but he had to stay leashed the whole time.  Horse is not good with recall and he’s not terribly bright.  He would run off and not know how to make it back.  I don’t trust him off leash.


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