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Sometimes I have dreams that mimic real life.  So much so that I have difficulty telling if what I had experienced was something real or just a dream.  It’s kind of disconcerting, since normally I have a pretty good grasp on reality.  I know it may not seem like it.  I may choose to ignore reality, but I know what it is and where it is.  The dream most like this occurred in high school.  To this day I don’t know if I placed an order for some AP books at the (now closed) bookstore or if I just dreamed it.  I never went back to check.  I mean, how would I explain it if it were just a dream?

Me: Hi, I’m here to pick up these books that I ordered a week ago.
Bookstore employee (BE): [looks confused] We…haven’t had anyone place an order for books for months.  Are you sure you ordered them?
Me: Oh…uh…I…must…have…placedtheorderatanotherbookstorethatismuchfartherawayandobviouslynotwithyousorrytotroubleyougoodbye! [runs away]

Most recently, I had a dream affect me in a different way.  I dreamt that I was pulling an all-nighter for some reason and when I woke up, I felt like I had pulled an all-nighter and was tired and cranky.  There were actually other parts to this dream that were really surreal and obviously a dream to me even in my dream state.  So really, this dream was nothing like what I was describing earlier.  But it affected me in real life even though it didn’t really happen, so that part is kind of the same.

So now I will transition to talking about lucid dreaming even though I was not talking about it at all before and if this were an academic essay of any sort, I would obviously fail because here I am talking about lucid dreaming when the opening paragraph was leading you to think that I would be talking about super realistic and mundane dreams that trick you into thinking they’re real.  And actually, I’ve now changed my mind and I don’t feel like talking about lucid dreaming in detail.  I’ll just say that I can kind of do it.  Sometimes in the middle of a dream, I will realize that I am dreaming, but still not really be able to control it.  I kind of exit the dream as a player and it becomes more like a movie and it also tends to start becoming really ridiculous for no good reason.  And sometimes I can exert marginal control over a dream.

The end.

If you couldn’t tell, I wrote this after a night of unrestful sleep because I dreamt that I had pulled an all-nighter and then felt like I really had after I woke up.  Of course, I might be kind of tired and not coherent because I had a night of unrestful sleep because a muscle in my left shoulder started spasming and didn’t really let me sink into useful sleep because it insisted on getting some attention.  Or it wanted someone else beside it to feel miserable later.

I pummeled the muscle into submission later.  It’s really sore but otherwise not making a huge fuss like it was during the night.

I recently had a dream. It was a very interesting dream. The first interesting one I’ve had in awhile. My dreams have been really mundane recently. Fairly boring and not memorable at all. AT. ALL. But not this one. This one was really interesting. It was even more interesting when I was dreaming it because I could remember more of it then. Yes. Interesting. Quite interesting it was. Interesting indeed… (Ok, I’ll stop.)

Anyway, my dream involved a giant cabbage. It was growing in a snowy field. Also, it was telepathic. It may have also been telekinetic because I remember it was pounding the floor with something right before I woke up. Now then, why would there be a giant, telepathic cabbage growing in the snow pounding on the floor? Well, obviously it was to warn her son. Duh. I mean, why else would a telepathic, telekinetic cabbage pound on the floor?

Yes. Her son. You see, some unseen, evil villain guy wanted to kill her son, who is not a cabbage but a real boy. So he sent his tentacled eye-monster minion out to dispose of Mrs. Cabbage’s (I don’t know if that was her name, but I shall call her such) son. I don’t know why Little Boy Cabbage was targeted. My dream didn’t go into the backstory. Anyway, the tentacle eye-monster apparently had magical powers of some sort (if you think about it, a magickless tentacled eye-monster wouldn’t make a good minion at all) and was able to whisk the boy into an alternate reality for easy disposal except the eye-monster messed up and lost the kid in a field. Somehow, Mrs. Cabbage found out/knew of this plot and by the power of motherhood, was able to also get herself transported to this alternate reality to warn her son. Except…she ended up as a giant cabbage. Growing in a snowy field. But at least with the powers of telepathy and telekinesis.

Mrs. Cabbage. She has this red, ribbony thing orbiting around her and it fragments in proportion to the amount of awareness the eye-monster has of her son.

So, the last image I really remember is the scene where Mrs. Cabbage is frantically trying to warn her son about the eye-monster coming for him. She’s “shouting” at him and pounding on the floor with…something. I don’t think I ever saw what it was. The eye-monster has just seen Little Boy Cabbage and is rushing toward him. The boy is faintly aware that something is terribly amiss. I don’t think he had very developed powers in this alternate reality. I don’t know if he had any in the other reality either. Anyway, I woke up after that.

What the eye-monster looks like normally.

Also, this particular magical, tentacled eye-monster was a terrible minion. Completely incompetent. Seriously, how do you lose a kid in an empty field when he is in eye shot the whole time??

What the eye-monster looks like when it’s pursuing something. It moves a bit like how the sentinels did in /The Matrix/.

Also, also, in case you were wondering, this wasn’t really a nightmare.  I was incredibly entertained whilst dreaming and was slightly disappointed when I woke up.  I wanted to know how it ended.