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I was recently listening to The Story podcast, in particular, the segment on Evan Kalish’s quest to visit as many post offices as he can.  He started visiting as many post offices as he could in order to maybe, kind of, help save them, or at least commemorate them in some way.  And hey, I like that idea!  I think I might like to try something similar as I also am rather fond of the USPS.

Apparently, if the post office is open, Evan will go in and request a hand stamp cancellation.  Normally, that would mean the post office would have to collect it and deliver it to the address, which I guess they’re not doing as Evan walks out with the hand cancelled whatever he brought.  The post office makes an exception if you’re asking for a hand stamp for philatelic reasons.  If the post office is not open, I guess he counts it as “visited” if he actually touches the building.

Welp, I think this could be more interesting if the post office were actually going to deliver the stuff they’re hand cancelling.  So, what if I were to get postcards of the area the post office is located and then send them to myself?  Maybe I could get whoever was hand stamping it to also sign it?  And then, if I couldn’t be at the post office while it was open, I could drop off the postcard in a mailbox?  It wouldn’t be hand stamped, but that’s ok.  I would get mail!  I could get so much mail!  Never mind that I would really just be sending myself mail.

I think…I might actually do this.

I also like asking myself rhetorical questions.

Happy last day of lettermo!  It’s a Waldo postcard to celebrate!  Extra points to you if you can find Waldo!  (Wenda is in the postcard too, even more points to you if you find her.)

This is a postcard to Las Vegas via swap-bot, particularly for this swap.  I was originally going to make a postcard with leaping frogs (because it’s a Leap Day swap), but I decided to read the rules of the swap one more time.  It was a good thing I had since the swap is a store bought postcard swap only.  The recipient said she likes puzzles and such and I figured these Where’s Waldo postcards were pretty puzzling.  I was pretty sure I had a Waldo postcard with showgirls or something before but surprise, surprise, I can’t find it.  I may have sent it out already…but who would I send such a thing to?  Anyway, I decided on this one with sea creatures instead (the recipient also said she likes mythical creatures).

What I found from doing the lettermo challenge is that writing a postcard everyday is quite doable…since most of the letters I ended up sending out were postcards.  I had meant to write more letters, but work has been very busy this month and time just wouldn’t allow for more letters.  Alas.  But, I would like to continue writing letters.  It would help if I had people to write them to.  I’m supposedly getting some new pen pals soon, so that will help.  And we should all continue to support the USPS.