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Happy last day of lettermo!  It’s a Waldo postcard to celebrate!  Extra points to you if you can find Waldo!  (Wenda is in the postcard too, even more points to you if you find her.)

This is a postcard to Las Vegas via swap-bot, particularly for this swap.  I was originally going to make a postcard with leaping frogs (because it’s a Leap Day swap), but I decided to read the rules of the swap one more time.  It was a good thing I had since the swap is a store bought postcard swap only.  The recipient said she likes puzzles and such and I figured these Where’s Waldo postcards were pretty puzzling.  I was pretty sure I had a Waldo postcard with showgirls or something before but surprise, surprise, I can’t find it.  I may have sent it out already…but who would I send such a thing to?  Anyway, I decided on this one with sea creatures instead (the recipient also said she likes mythical creatures).

What I found from doing the lettermo challenge is that writing a postcard everyday is quite doable…since most of the letters I ended up sending out were postcards.  I had meant to write more letters, but work has been very busy this month and time just wouldn’t allow for more letters.  Alas.  But, I would like to continue writing letters.  It would help if I had people to write them to.  I’m supposedly getting some new pen pals soon, so that will help.  And we should all continue to support the USPS.


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