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Daily Archives: February 15th, 2012

It’s a real letter!

This letter is going to Arizona via swap-bot, particularly for this swap.  This one was particularly exciting because I recently found a new and interesting way to fold letters so that the letter itself becomes the envelope.  Kind of.  I’ve seen and used envelope-less letters before, but they’ve always involved some cutting or gluing or whatnot.  Here’s an example:

See those flaps? You have to glue those down. (Picture links you to Amazon.)

But with this one, you don’t actually have to glue anything down.  The stamp ends up keeping the letter folded.  Now then, I actually did end up putting a little glue on mine just to be safe.  I used somewhat thicker paper I had in my stash of patterned paper I probably wouldn’t use.  It didn’t fold as nicely as the first letter I folded from normal printer weight paper.  I don’t want to irritate the USPS because my letter fell apart in their machine.  Well, it wouldn’t really fall apart.  It might open up and then jam the machine.  That would be bad.

But, if you used thinner paper, you could probably get away with just a stamp holding the entire thing together.  Also, next time if I use this type of paper, I’ll probably score the fold lines first.  That would probably help.

Anyway, it’s really interesting.  You can find out about it here.  He even has templates you can print out so you can practice folding.  I like it.

I guess there’s a stamp watch today.  You can see from above that I used another Pixar stamp.  It’s holding the letter in its proper shape.


Why yes, I do have this shirt.

Monday morning was an interesting morning.  It was a voiding warranties kind of morning.  You see, I had broken a hinge on my work laptop, maer tupointo, over the weekend when I was working.  It happened right as I was about to leave, so I decided to just leave it until I got in today.  But…I had forgotten by Monday.  So when I got in that morning, maer was sitting there all forlorn with a broken right hip.

This wouldn’t really be a big deal if maer just sat on my desk all day.  LeeEv, my main machine at home, has had a broken left hip for years now.  Since he mostly sits at home, especially after Codename Roodee became my runner machine, his broken hip hasn’t really been much of a hindrance to doing stuff.  But, maer doesn’t just sit on my desk.  Maer goes everywhere with me.  Maer needs to put up with a lot of abuse.  I cannot work if maer has a broken right hip.  Now what?

Lucky for me, level boss (who may now also be my stage boss) realized that it would be a big deal if maer blew up or something.  So he cloned maer onto my old laptop, Roanmaer.

An aside about Roanmaer: Roanmaer, after leaving my service because of a faulty serial port, was relegated to the final boss to use when he was traveling.  That’s right.  The final boss got a hand-me-down from ME, a lowly engineer.  But anyway, he then decided that it was too difficult for him to work with Roanmaer because of the small screen.  I have the smallest laptop of all the guys here…probably because I’m the youngest engineer and I enjoy the good eyesight of youth.  So anyway, stage boss decided to clone maer onto Roanmaer and give Roanmaer back to me for safe keeping and for use as a backup.  End aside.

Since Roanmaer is my backup, I could have tried just using Roanmaer for most of maer’s current duties.  But the problem is, I had all my code stored on maer’s hard drive and not on the network where I could easily access it with Roanmaer.  Also, because Roanmaer is a clone of maer, there’s all kind of licensing issues with the all the different proprietary programming software I have to use.  I can work around stuff like that temporarily, but it’s a big pain and we’re under huge time constraints.  And…maer has a nicer screen resolution than Roanmaer.  So…I ended up stealing a hinge from Roanmaer to put into maer.  It took about an hour because I couldn’t really decide if I wanted to do the transplant.  But I did it and I also accidentally snapped a peg off of Roanmaer that keeps the hinge in place.  And now Roanmaer is bundled and wrapped and sitting securely by herself awaiting a new hip.  Maer is back up and running and putting up with abuse with the transplanted hip.

Incidentally, maer’s hinges were never really up to par with Roanmaer’s hinges.  Roanmaer’s hinges always operated smoothly without all the crackling and creaking maer’s hinges would emit.  Roanmaer is probably two years older than maer too.  They do not make laptops like they used to.

Also, having replaced one of the hinges on maer (and a new set is being ordered for me so both Roanmaer and maer will have working hinges), I’ve finally ordered parts for LeeEv.  UPS tells me that they’ll be here Monday.  LeeEv will finally get to undergo a hip transplant.  And…also the front bezel and back cover.  LeeEv’s hip didn’t just break, it shattered.  Poor LeeEv.