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Daily Archives: February 4th, 2012

One last postcard to round out the first week of lettermo.  Next week will also contain postcards, but a few of those will be handmade for a swap.  Hopefully, there will be some actual letters written as well.

This is a postcard to Germany via postcrossing.  This one is out of my places I’ve visited collection.  I typically loathe sending these ones out because it’s a souvenir from when I visited said destination.  But the recipient said he really liked bridges and out of all the bridge postcards I have, this one was one of the nicest ones.  I have a bunch of postcards of the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City and some other random bridges.  Not entirely sure how I got those.  Probably in swaps.

Stamp watch!

Still pressed for time.  Still not willing to dig around all my stamps to find the exact postage.  Also, I decided to cover the denomination with caution tape this time.  Variety.