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Daily Archives: February 25th, 2012


This is a postcrossing postcard to Germany.  The recipient said she had recently received a map postcard from the US of the sender’s state with some state information on it.  I thought I had one of California, but I can’t seem to find it.  I did find geological map of the lower 48 and Puerto Rico though.  I figure this will do instead.

Um…yes, I’m cheating a bit.  It’s presently 13:34 and I am just writing this post now.  Luckily, Saturday post collection is later than it is during the weekday.

Anyway, I’m late because today was the first Saturday that I have not had to work in a long time.  I got too excited trying to finish other projects I haven’t had time to do.  And um…I forgot to post.  So, here you are!  Also, I’m backdating the post so it’s like I had posted…but not really.  Huzzah!