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It’s a real letter!

This letter is going to Arizona via swap-bot, particularly for this swap.  This one was particularly exciting because I recently found a new and interesting way to fold letters so that the letter itself becomes the envelope.  Kind of.  I’ve seen and used envelope-less letters before, but they’ve always involved some cutting or gluing or whatnot.  Here’s an example:

See those flaps? You have to glue those down. (Picture links you to Amazon.)

But with this one, you don’t actually have to glue anything down.  The stamp ends up keeping the letter folded.  Now then, I actually did end up putting a little glue on mine just to be safe.  I used somewhat thicker paper I had in my stash of patterned paper I probably wouldn’t use.  It didn’t fold as nicely as the first letter I folded from normal printer weight paper.  I don’t want to irritate the USPS because my letter fell apart in their machine.  Well, it wouldn’t really fall apart.  It might open up and then jam the machine.  That would be bad.

But, if you used thinner paper, you could probably get away with just a stamp holding the entire thing together.  Also, next time if I use this type of paper, I’ll probably score the fold lines first.  That would probably help.

Anyway, it’s really interesting.  You can find out about it here.  He even has templates you can print out so you can practice folding.  I like it.

I guess there’s a stamp watch today.  You can see from above that I used another Pixar stamp.  It’s holding the letter in its proper shape.


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