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Yes.  I made a hand rooster.  Aren’t you proud of me?

But anyway, work has recently been rather stressful for me as we are once again trying to meet a deadline that passed about 1.5 weeks ago.  Even though it is passed, they have not set a new deadline.  No, we are supposed to meet the one we’ve already missed.  Everything should have already been done yesterday.  But we’re obviously late, because it’s already today.  So yeah.  Things are hectic and stressful.

I tend to deal with stress by hoarding anger.  It’s not a particularly good way of dealing with stress.  I don’t recommend it.  I mean, what do you do with all that anger you’ve hoarded?  It’s not really something useful.  You can’t make stuff out of it.  It’s just a big waste of storage space.  But I am loathe to let things go once I’ve expended the effort of acquiring it.  I have to let it dribble away while I’m concentrating on something else.  The problem is, I’m quite capable of thinking about several different things at once.  This hampers the dribbling away process.  BUT!  I have found that concentrating on not making a mess takes a lot of effort, during which time I am not at all concerned about my stash of anger dribbling away.  Thus…I have decided to concentrate on not making my fingers a mess.  Also, I like to play with nail polish.

Here’s a good tutorial, in case you’re wondering how I made my hand rooster’s tail feathers so marbley.

Things I learned:

  • I didn’t use a base coat of white.  If I had, the blacks would have been blacker.  But as it is, you can see that my nails are marbled and this was good enough for me.  Also, it saves time.
  • Watch out for bubbles when you drop the nail polish into the water.  When you’re making your whatever design into the rings of polish, don’t use the area with bubbles.  Otherwise you might end up with a bubble on your nail that will either dry as a lump or pop, and then you won’t have polish on that area at all (this happened on my index finger and I filled in the empty spot with some white).
  • If you use a quick drying top coat over wet polish, it may have a tendency to run the different colors together.  I hear that some quick drying top coats don’t do this.  Sally Hansen Insta-Dri will do this (this is most evident on my pinky and middle finger).  But you can still use it.  Just make sure you load up your brush so you don’t end up dragging the bristles over the wet polish underneath.  It will take a bit longer to dry than the advertised 30s or whatever, but you’ll have clean, defined lines in your marbling.
  • I think I like the darker nails better.  I especially like how my index finger turned out, minus the small hole from the bubble.  I don’t like the horizontal marbling on my middle finger.  It reminds me too much of a zebra.  I also don’t like the predominately white ring finger.  You can’t really see how my thumb turned out, but the design looks a lot like the strata you’d see on a cliff.  It think it looks too busy.
  • This doesn’t take nearly as much time as you’d think.  Especially if you get lazy and decide to dip two or three fingers in at the same time.


  1. water marbling is such a beautiful thing, love the purple with the black!
    …and the rooster too of course!

  2. coooooool. me likes.

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