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I saw this awhile ago and it seems like this is a good time to post it, having just hosted a house full of people.

I am introverted.  I am very introverted.  If there were such a thing, I could be considered pathologically introverted (this is not a thing and actually, it’s kind of insulting to say this to an introvert because introversion isn’t a disease or a defect.  You should probably only allow an introvert to call themselves pathologically introverted and even then, they probably won’t unless they have a particularly dark and morbid sense of humor.).  Anyway, I’m just trying to emphasize that there is no extraversion in my nature.  You may have kind of picked that up here.  I am not mildly introverted.

That being said, I know I come off as being unfriendly to many people.  Possibly kind of a jerk because I am so unfriendly.  That is not entirely the case.  I do not disagree that I can be unfriendly but I’m not necessarily as unfriendly as you think.  I just don’t have the energy and motivation to interact with you especially if you’re going to try and talk my ear off.  I’m willing to listen to your stories up to a point, but if you never shut up, you are on the list of people to try and avoid.  Why?  Because it’s TIRING to be around you.

And you take up a lot of time.  Not that time has a whole lot to do with being introverted.  You just have to remember that I’m an engineer too.  I have a mild obsession with efficiency.  I’ve found that people who want to talk you to death often also want your full attention the entire time.  This is not efficient as well as tiring.  Especially if I’m not interested in what your brother’s friend’s cousin’s mother’s uncle’s hamster did over the weekend.

So, that illustrated guide to interacting with an introvert?  It’s really helpful to know if you’re going to try and interact with me.  Which you probably won’t.  Because I’m probably avoiding you.  Because I’m pathologically introverted (not at thing).

Obtw, graphics link back to source.

So, I’ve been seeing “Phillip’s head screwdriver” a lot recently.  I’d just like to point out that it makes no sense.  Phillip did not lend his head to a screwdriver.  He probably wouldn’t like it if you thought his head looked like the head of a Phillips screwdriver either.  So…stop calling it a Phillip’s head screwdriver.

Also, Phillip had nothing to do with the develop of the screw and screwdriver.  The screw and subsequent screwdriver were developed by Henry F. Phillips.  He supposedly developed it so that it would be harder for your to strip the head of the screw.  Have you ever noticed that the Phillips screw cruciform isn’t neatly square but kind of has a rounded center?  And have you ever noticed that a Phillips screwdriver has a fairly steep slope on the driver head?  That’s so your screwdriver will cam out when the screw has been driven home (or otherwise stalls).  The feature isn’t as important now since most power tools have torque limiters on them.

Thus, you could possibly call the screwdriver a Phillips-head screwdriver, but definitely not a Phillip’s head screwdriver.

Oh, and the Frearson screw and driver aren’t the same as the Phillips screw and driver.  You’d think you’d realize this by the name.  And you probably do…but can you tell by the head type?  The Frearson has sharper and more defined edges so that the driver is less likely to slip out at high torque.  Because it wasn’t designed to do so.  Unlike the Phillips.

So now you know.