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In case you weren’t aware, I am introverted.  I’m VERY introverted.  It was a common joke with my friends in college that I was taking being introverted to new heights.  It’s probably true.  So, in case you were wondering why I’m not talking to you, it’s probably not because I dislike you or that you smell (although you might want to check on that) but because I’m introverted and have a very small capacity for what some might call “normal social behavior.”  But, if you’d like some specific examples of what eats away at my social quota, here are some handy graphs.  And yes, sometimes my willingness to socialize goes negative.

I do not often write about Colleague X. It’s because it makes Fred’s head grow really large.

By the way, I named my anger Fred.

I am much more willing to socialize with you if I can consider you a person. I am not much willing to socialize with people.

Some properties of the zooga.


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