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Postcard!  This time a handmade one.

Back when I first signed up to do the lettermo challenge, a fellow challengee went around the forums looking for people to trade postcards with.  I agreed to do a postcard exchange with him and this is the one I’ve made in trade with the one he sent me.  Like…three weeks ago.  He was obviously on top of things.  I was not.

Anyway, this postcard is a bit more girly and cheerful than most of the ones I make, but the idea of a robot watering flower gears makes me laugh.  It’s so obvious that’s how you get gears.  So obvious.  How else would you get gears?

Most of this stuff was cut using the Robotz cartridge for the Cricut.  The clouds are from Paper Pups and the sun is from Create a Critter.  I cut the watering can freehand with an Xacto knife.  Hmm…I realize that I forgot to put sunglasses on the sun now.  I normally put sunglasses on suns.  Sugh.

I didn’t scan the back, but I can assure you that I used a Wall-E stamp in which he’s holding a plant.  Huzzah, I am consistent in my theme!

Oh, here is the postcard I received.

He had said he was sending out steampunk postcards.  It’s hard to say if it’s steampunk (it probably is) because the inks were so light on the actual postcard (not his fault).  Actually, it’s easier to see as a scan.  It’s an ampoule of some sort.  I don’t have the postcard handy right now to reference what exactly this is, but I believe it said it was an ampoule pendant.  I need to go look at what it said again as it had a nice little explanation.

It has recently been brought to my attention that there is a fish called Tilapia.  This is not the tilapia you see in the fish section of the market.  This is not the (possibly) mild tasting white-fleshed fish.  Personally, I think they taste muddy and I’m not terribly fond of them.  No, that tilapia is tilapia, the poo eater (if you wonder why I call them poo eaters, you should probably research how they are farmed).  No, I speak of Tilapia, hunter of the much feared piranha!
How did I learn of Tilapia, hunter of the much feared piranha?  Why, by reading this article.  It seems that Brazil is having a problem with the piranha population.  Part of the reason is because piranha have no natural predators.  But, the article also states that:

Authorities began a program to reduce piranha overpopulation and added 100,000 tilapia to the local food chain.


This can only mean one thing.  Tilapia, hunter of the much feared piranha, is an UNnatural predator.  They must be genetically engineered tilapia!  They could possibly be robotic tilapia!  I’m not sure why robot tilapia want to eat piranhas, but robot tilapia are decidedly unnatural, so it’s a possibility.  Why are authorities releasing these unnatural tilapia into the waters?  Where did they even get these things?  How did the engineer the tilapia to be able to hunt and eat the much feared piranha?  Were the scientists kept in seclusion to develop this species of tilapia?  What impact will this super tilapia have on the environment after it eats all the piranha?  Will super piranha have to be engineered to eat all the tilapia?  What of the Brazilian swimmers and sunbathers who just want to spend an afternoon at the beach?  The article doesn’t answer any of these important questions.  We should demand to know more.

Also, news agencies should hire people who know how to write less ambiguous sentences.  Possibly, they should hire people who know how to write properly in general.  I have seen far too many news stories, even from bigger media outlets, with misspelled words, poor grammar, and poor sentence structure.  What, are good writers so hard to find these days?  And here’s a better written article on what’s going on with those piranha in Brazil.