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I didn’t know such things existed. Rate packaging? Well, ok. I guess I can give it a go.


The package arrived in excellent order; there was no damage and was obviously placed with great care at my front gate, who incidentally also signed for my package. The packaging itself was well designed and easy to open, conveniently providing a large perforated flap that performed marvelously. The inner contents were rubber banded and shrinked wrapped to perfection.
Overall, I must rate the packaging A++. An excellent job.

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  1. I didn’t know your front gate knew how to sign for packages. You think it also knows how to ward off a zombie attack?

  2. I’ve never asked it if it would be willing to do something like that. I suppose I should try asking.
    Also, my front door used to sign for packages all the time too. Before we got a front gate that is.

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