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Today, my old boss, whom I shall refer to as FSB, gave me a pineapple cake (not homemade, but that’s a wonderful idea and I will probably try it).  But let’s start from the beginning.

I ran into FSB in the hallway while he was looking for the file on one of our current projects.  He wanted to know if I had it.  I did not, as that project is so far down the line in my queue, it’s ridiculous, especially when you consider that it’s one of the first projects due this year.  ANYWAY, I told him I did not have the project file and I figured that would be the end of today’s pleasantries (I am not good at social interaction).  I started to move away but he tells me to wait.  He then tells me to wait several more times.  This is…atypical behavior for him.  He disappears into his office while still telling me to wait.  While he is in the office, I can hear him still telling me to wait.  Erm…I’m waiting quite patiently where you left me after telling me to wait.  He reappears out of his office and presents me with one pineapple cake.

This is a source of confusion for me.  You see, pineapple cakes are a Chinese/Taiwanese pastry.  FSB is German.  He’s very German.  I have no idea why he would have one pineapple cake.  I especially have no idea why he would want to present me with one pineapple cake.  I think the confusion showed on my face because he told me he was giving it to me “because of [his] high appreciation for me” and then he told me not to “think about it too much.”  Well, it was a little late by the time he told me not to think about it.  Because I remembered that Level Boss just returned from a trip to China and Taiwan and he often brings back pineapple cakes for us.  FSB must have gotten a pineapple cake from Level Boss and didn’t want it and THEN GAVE IT TO ME INSTEAD!  He’s REGIFTING food!  That’s gross.  (Never mind that it’s wrapped and unopened and he obviously didn’t adulterate it in any way.)  Snort.  High appreciation indeed.

That being said, I ate it during lunch.  I like pineapple cakes a lot and this one was from one of the better bakeries in Taiwan.  Thanks FSB!  (=


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  1. Umm… I have pineapple cakes at my place. And I appreciate you highly. And… Umm… they were a gift, but will you eat one, please?

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