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Daily Archives: June 8th, 2011

Actually, the title to this blog doesn’t make that much sense when you consider that the article just makes me sad.  Although, the USPS probably should still get three cheers.

So, here’s another post about the USPS, although this time I’m actually writing it and not just reposting from another blog.  It seems that the USPS is ever closer to insolvency.  I don’t know exactly what that would mean for the future of mail delivery, but it definitely can’t be good.  I have a friend whose father works for the USPS.  He’s told me that he believes our postal system will fold in five years.  That’s terrible!

Whose fault is it though?  Well, partly theirs, from reading the article.  It seems that they never really had a long range plan to remain a viable business.  They rely pretty heaviliy on first class mail to pay the bills and that’s never changed.  But it’s partly ours.  We just don’t sent letters and such like we used to but we still demand the same services at the same prices as before.  It doesn’t work like that though.  The USPS is an amazing institution.  They deliver by mule or snowmobile when it’s required.  The system works so remarkably well and is really reliable when you consider the sheer volume of mail that they have to handle each day.  First class mail gets delivered within days in the States.  And yes, I’ve experienced the anguish of having things lost in the mail, but it’s been a rare experience.  Maybe just twice in my lifetime of sending and receiving mail.  The last time, the package I mailed eventually found its way back to me too, so in the end, it did reach its intended recipient…albeit several months late.  And the price for all this service is really cheap.  Forty-four cents to send a letter by snowmobile to Alaska?  And if I address it wrong, it gets sent back to me with no extra cost?  So cheap!

I think we need to go out and support our postal system some more.  We should sent letters to friends, especially when they’re down.  We should send letters to friends who are in different states, just because.  We should send letters to friends in different countries, even.  I’ve done care packages to friends who were homesick in other countries.  Why not?  Our postal system is really great.  And if nothing else, join swap-bot.  You help support our postal system and you get surprises in the mail.  Who doesn’t like surprises in the mail?  Yay for surprises in the mail!  But more, yay for our postal system that works so remarkably well but is facing insolvency so you should go write 324892343 letters and mail them right now (you need to say that in one breath)!