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On Tuesday I went over to my friends’ place for pizza.  Their apartment complex was having a “resident appreciation night” and were selling Pizza Hut pizzas for 7$ each (it makes you think they live in the dorms or something).  A reasonable deal.  And since we typically eat together on Tuesdays anyway, we thought we’d take advantage of this.  Now, the flyer was very vague.  I think it only mentioned that they were selling large pizzas but not the type of crust or toppings.  For all we knew, they were going to sell thin crust cheese pizzas exclusively.  That makes for a bit of a bland meal.  So I volunteered to bring buffalo wings.

Buffalo do indeed have wings.

Did you know buffalo have wings?  They do.  They have several pairs of wings.  And you have to harvest thing if you want buffalo wings as a side dish to your meal.  But don’t worry, the wings are kind of like corn.  They grow on the backs of the winged buffalo and after they’re ripe enough, you can harvest them without hurting the buffalo at all.  If you catch just the right season, you can get the wings when they’re still boneless.  The bones are like seeds in fruit.  Some people really don’t like them.   But unlike fruit, you need to cook the wings before you can eat them.  They can be poisonous otherwise.  Cooking the wings denatures the poison and then you can safely consume them.  Oh, even though the poison has been denatured, you can still kind of taste it in the form of the spiciness.  Did I mention that the wings are naturally red?  They are.  I may have forgotten to mention that.

Or…really, I brought over a pack of this (because we were running short on time and boneless heats up faster)

and  I recently obtained a Wacom tablet and it came with Corel Painter Essentials.  I was having fun painting a buffalo with wings.  In case you’re wondering, I traced most of the buffalo because I have no idea how to draw a buffalo.  Then I colored it in some.  I realized later that my colors layer was on 20% opacity, so it looks kind of washed out.  I guess that’ll learn me not to check the opacity settings.  Anyway, I was having fun.  It’s been a long time since I did anything remotely resembling painting.


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