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Have you ever wondered why sometimes you feel some rain but it’s bright and sunny outside?  Or why sometimes you’re sitting inside your house in the middle of a dry and dusty summer, and suddenly your hear some rain falling outside your window?   It’s because there’s a baby cloud up in the sky and he’s lost.  He’s weepy because he can’t find his mother and is desperately zipping around the sky looking for her.  That’s why you feel some moisture on your face and yet, when you look up, there are no clouds whatsoever.  You didn’t look up fast enough to see the baby cloud.  Also, he’s quite small.  Just a baby.  You don’t see a trail of tears because he’s crying in short sobby bursts.  A lot of the tears evaporate before it hits you anyway.  That’s why you’re not suddenly drenched and there aren’t random isolated puddles.

Or…you could just be a rain-feeler.

I would expand the explanation, but this is all you’re going to get right now.  I’m too tired to concentrate any more on this.

Transcript that inspired above thoughts:

[21:44:22] [Friend]: ps is it raining outside?
[21:44:49] [Me]: Um…
[21:44:51] [Me]: no?
[21:44:58] [Me]: Does it sound like it at your house?
[21:45:10] [Friend]: yeah….. i hear drops of water outside my window
[21:45:21] [Me]: Interesting.
[21:45:24] [Me]: I hear…Choco’s collar.
[21:45:38] [Friend]: i think maybe it’s a drippy….
[21:45:41] [Friend]: uh..
[21:45:46] [Friend]: hose?
[21:46:06] [Me]: A hose on your roof?
[21:46:54] [Friend]: er… there’s something outside
[21:46:58] [Friend]: i’m on the first floor
[21:47:04] [Friend]: yeah i dunno
[21:47:09] [Me]: Interesting.
[21:47:10] [Friend]: maybe there’s a lone rain cloud
[21:47:13] [Me]: Hahah.
[21:47:15] [Me]: Possibly.
[21:47:18] [Me]: He’s lonely.
[21:47:18] [Friend]: a lone baby rain cloud
[21:47:21] [Me]: So he’s crying.
[21:47:30] [Friend]: well he should stop
[21:47:32] [Me]: Maybe he’s lost.
[21:47:46] [Friend]: he supposed to be crying somewhere else then
[21:47:53] [Me]: How mean. He’s lost.
[21:47:56] [Me]: And he’s a baby.
[21:48:01] [Friend]: where it’s SUPPOSED to be raining
[21:48:07] [Me]: Lost.
[21:48:10] [Me]: Baby.
[21:48:22] [Friend]: don’t clouds have some sort of built in gps?
[21:48:29] [Friend]: like carrier pigeons?
[21:48:48] [Me]: Erm…
[21:48:52] [Me]: Probably not.
[21:48:57] [Me]: Where would they put that?
[21:49:03] [Me]: They’re not very substantial.
[21:50:13] [Friend]: hm…..
[21:50:23] [Friend]: then what makes them feel emotion?
[21:51:02] [Me]: Oh, I think a loose collection of water vapor can feel emotion.
[21:51:05] [Me]: At least…depression.
[21:51:33] [Friend]: errkay


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