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Have you seen that yet?  It holds enough ingredients for 150 pizzas.  But, your choices of toppings are pepperoni and…well, that’s it.  But then this happened:

(11:05:20) cherriebb515 When it said it had enough for 150 pizzas.
(11:05:24) cherriebb515 I read it had 150 ingredients.
(11:05:27) cherriebb515 And I was like.. woah…
(11:05:32) cherriebb515 That’s some gourmet pizza.
(11:05:34) cherriebb515 And then…
(11:05:44) cherriebb515 I realized I read it too quickly and got half the information wrong.
(11:07:33) Moosterkey hhahha
(11:27:47) Moosterkey I wonder what 150 toppings on a small personal pizza would be like.
(11:27:52) cherriebb515 hahaha
(11:27:57) Moosterkey Maybe you would only have one of each topping.

Are there even 150 toppings for pizza in existence?  I imagine your pizza would have the following toppings (which, in this case, is defined as anything that goes on top of the crust).

    1. a drop of tomato sauce
    2. a drop of pesto
    3. a drop of bbq sauce
    4. a drop of olive oil
    5. a sliver of mozzarella
    6. a sliver of asiago
    7. a crumble of feta (as in one piece of crumbled blank, and so through the rest of the list)
    8. a sliver of Parmesan
    9. a sliver of colby jack
    10. a sliver of Jarlsberg
    11. a sliver of Fontina
    12. a grain of ricotta
    13. a crumble of bleu cheese
    14. a crumble of Gorgonzola
    15. a sliver of monterey jack
    16. a sliver of Emmental
    17. a sliver of provolone
    18. a sliver of Gruyere
    19. a slice of olive
    20. a dice of onion (as in one piece of diced blank, and so through the rest of the list)
    21. a dice of bell pepper
    22. a mince of garlic (as in one piece of minced blank, and so through the rest of the list)
    23. a dice of zucchini
    24. a kernel of corn
    25. a pea
    26. a dice of tomato
    27. a slice of potato
    28. a slice of banana pepper
    29. a slice of chipotle
    30. a dice of broccoli
    31. a dice of cauliflower
    32. a dice of green onion
    33. a chunk of pineapple
    34. a slice of morel mushroom
    35. a slice of button mushroom
    36. a slice of crimini mushroom
    37. a slice of portobello mushroom (yes, I know 35-37 are actually all the same mushroom)
    38. a slice of shitake mushroom
    39. a slice of chanterelle mushroom
    40. a slice of truffle
    41. a leaf of cilantro
    42. a leaf of basil
    43. a leaf of parsley
    44. a sprig of rosemary
    45. a sprig of thyme
    46. a chop of chive
    47. a bay leaf
    48. a dash of salt
    49. a dash of pepper
    50. a chop of artichoke heart (as in one piece of chopped blank, and so through the rest of the list)
    51. a caper
    52. a chop of sundried tomato
    53. a leaf of spinach
    54. a sliver of carrot
    55. a slice of roasted red pepper
    56. a slice of asparagus
    57. a leaf of Brussels sprout
    58. a red pepper flake
    59. a chop of Canadian bacon
    60. a bacon bit
    61. a slice of pepperoni
    62. a slice of prosciutto
    63. a ground of beef (as in one piece of ground blank, and so through the rest of the list)
    64. a ground of Italian sausage
    65. a chop of chicken
    66. a chop of turkey
    67. a shred of duck
    68. a ground of ostrich
    69. a ground of buffalo
    70. a slice of pancetta
    71. a slice of salami
    72. a chop of veal
    73. a ground of lamb
    74. a chunk of tofu
    75. a slice of smoked salmon
    76. an anchovy
    77. a flake of tuna
    78. a shrimp
    79. a clam
    80. a mussel
    81. an oyster
    82. a chop of lobster
    83. a chop of crab
    84. a slice of abalone
    85. a slice of sea cucumber
    86. a scallop
    87. an escargot
    88. an egg
    89. a currant
    90. a cranberry
    91. a raisin
    92. a drop of peanut butter
    93. a drop of jelly
    94. a dollop of Nutella
    95. a dollop of whipped cream
    96. a drop of yogurt
    97. a dollop of marscapone
    98. a dollop of cream cheese
    99. a slice of apricot
    100. a slice of banana
    101. a slice of apple
    102. a slice of strawberry
    103. a slice of peach
    104. a slice of kiwi
    105. a slice of dragonfruit
    106. a slice of plum
    107. a slice of mango
    108. a raspberry
    109. a blueberry
    110. a mulberry
    111. a boysenberry
    112. a blackberry
    113. a ligonberry
    114. an acai berry
    115. a maraschino cherry
    116. a pecan
    117. an almond
    118. a chop of walnut
    119. a pine nut
    120. a sprig of mint
    121. a Rice Krispie
    122. a mini marshmallow
    123. a candy coated chocolate
    124. a gummy worm
    125. a gummy bear
    126. a grain of cornmeal
    127. a drop of chili paste
    128. a slice of ginger
    129. a drop of chutney
    130. a drop of salsa
    131. a dollop of sour cream
    132. a cricket
    133. a grasshopper
    134. an ant
    135. a mealworm
    136. a cicada
    137. a bee
    138. a wasp
    139. a Mopane worm
    140. a Wichetty grub
    141. a termite
    142. a chop of scorpion
    143. a chop of centipede
    144. a silkworm pupa
    145. a chop of tarantula
    146. a chop of rattlesnake
    147. a chop of gator tail
    148. a chop of frog
    149. a chop of squirrel
    150. a chop of opossum

Success!  150 toppings!  That was incredibly difficult!


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