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No, not my life.  It’s the title to Scott Bolzan‘s memoir he wrote after a traumatic brain injury in 2008 about his subsequent recovery.  And yes, this means this post is one of those rare book reviews.

Scott Bolzan, former NFL and USFL player, former successful businessman, former pilot, had an accident in which he slipped and hit his head.  He now suffers from one of the more severe cases of retrograde amnesia in medical history in that even now, his memory has not returned.  So, since then he’s had to relearn many things, like who his wife and children are, and even what a wife is.  His memoir is a rather inspirational story of relearning what it is to be himself and how to be himself after 40 some odd years of his past experiences were taken from him.

It’s a pretty good book and an easy read, as most memoirs are; I finished it in a few hours.  It gives an interesting view on human relationships as Mr. Bolzan had to (re)learn how to be around all his old friends and relatives much like a child.  But unlike a child, he has coherent, well-formed thoughts about these situations and can express them much better.  It’s very interesting insight into that whole process.  It also rekindles my old interest in psychology.  The brain is a fragile and mysterious thing and yet it commands so much of our daily lives.

We should probably all wear helmets all the time.


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