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Ok, so not piles.  Just one pile.

There’s been a slew of weddings among my friends recently.  Obviously, this is the perfect time to play with paper and make some nice cards for them.

This is the card I made from one of my friends (since sixth grade) who got married last month (thus it is safe to show the card now).  I got the template from Extreme Cards and Papercrafting.  It’s a pretty good source for interesting pop up cards.

I used some nice garnet colored cardstock for the card and this interesting sugar crystal patterned cardstock for the pile of hearts inside.

The hearts decorating the front of the card are from the cutouts inside (I had to make it more than once because I messed up on a quarter of the card, which necessitated doing the whole thing over again…SUGH).

Lettering was courtesy of my printer, which I then embossed onto the card and filled in by hand.  Remember, I am having serious misgivings about my handwriting still.


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