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I am the tired.

I had to go to a wedding this weekend, which involved all kinds of scurrying, last-minute activity.  And then on Sunday, I came back to the house to find that the dogs decided they were really hungry and would try cooking themselves some lunch.  It involved the demise of a 25lb sack of flour, a lot of rice, a small bag of tea, and some eggs.  Needless to say, this involved a cleanup of monumental proportions.  Then the dogs needed baths because they were covered in flour.  Also, my dad decided that it would be a good time to assemble furniture.  Not only that, he thought it was a good time for me to help him assemble furniture.  And then move it.  I’ve had a busy weekend and thus, I am the tired and it is seriously sapping away any motivation I had in reserve.

So…instead of a thoughtful and detailed post about something strange, you get a doodle from 2004.  I remember I had did this one night during class when I just couldn’t get myself to pay full attention to the matter at hand.  I found this floating around my things recently and I am amused by it, even now.  So…huzzah!  A doodle!


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