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I recently read a novel.  It’s the first new one I’ve read in a long time.  And…I liked a lot.  A LOT (but not alot).

Anyway, the book is The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde.  It takes place in alternate reality England, but not Fake England, in the mid 80s, and follows the adventures of Thursday Next, a literary detective.  You may wonder what  kind of job a literary detective would have.  For the most part, it seems like a pretty mundane job.  You defend the great literary works from conspiracy theorists.  You crack down on people trying to sell counterfeit poetry and verse.  And now and then, you are called upon to solve a crime in which literary characters are being pulled out from their original manuscripts and being murdered in reality thus changing literature forever.

Ok, so it’s the first time this has actually happened.  And it can only occur because Thursday’s mad scientist uncle invented a portal into the literary world.  Then, said portal was stolen by the Big Bad.  There is some muddying of the waters by Benevolent(?) Corporation.  During all of this, the ending for Jane Eyre ends up changing.

All in all, this was a very entertaining read.  It’s humorous and includes a very refined ridiculous.  I highly recommend it.

(I also found out that Thursday Next is in a few other adventures.  I will be reading those as well.)


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