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Why yes, it is another book report.  And yes, it is another Thursday Next book.  No, I didn’t spend all of my Thanksgiving break reading.  I actually had very little time to read.  Thus, I was only able to complete 1.5 books as opposed to the 3-4 I was planning.  Oh well.

So, Thursday Next in The Well of Lost Plots (by Jasper Fforde in case you had forgotten).

Thursday is firmly ensconced in fiction now, supposed for maternity leave, but not really.  One would think that maternity leave should be relaxing and a time to take care of oneself in preparation for an incoming baby.  That didn’t really happen.  Instead, Thursday gets to unravel a dastardly that is indirectly related to Not-so-benevolent Corporation, fight off the memory of the Big Bad of the previous book, and deal with traitors in Jurisfiction, the literary policing agency of Bookworld.

I think this book was better paced than the previous book and is definitely a good read.  Therefore, you should read it.

I’ve got another book on a 14 day loan that isn’t part of the series that’s up next in my booklist.  I may break up the book report on the series.  Or I may not.  Will have to see.  Yay reading!


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