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I’ve mentioned before that I have been suffering an acute infection of the attention span.  It’s made it hard for me to accomplish things in reasonable amounts of time.  I think I’ve mostly fought the ASD off, but now and then I relapse.  Such was the case last weekend.

I had picked up a book shaped box on sale from a craft store not too long ago with the intention of refinishing it and using it as my main stationery box (it’s important to support the USPS).  The problem with picking things up on sale is that they’re often not quite what you want.  Here, I’ll show you.

So, I liked the fact that it was a box shaped like a book.  I’m not terribly interested in mutilating a book just so I have an interesting place to store things.  But this supposed book was about butterflies…or something.  Maybe it was a book about postcards on butterflies.  French butterflies.  It’s not terribly clear.  Anyway, I don’t really like butterflies.  But this was the best box out of the selection that was on sale.  If I’m going to use it, obviously it has to change.

So I did this to it.

This is where the ASD comes in.  I meant to have all the refinishing completed in time for today’s post.  But I haven’t and it’s not.  I’ve only managed to re-cover the box.  Arguably, I have recovered it.  Anyway, this isn’t all I had intended to do to the box.  There’s more to come.  But right as I was starting the re-covering process, I suffered an EXTREME lack of motivation and I stopped doing anything for about five days.  I think I’m better now.  And, at least the box passable now.  It was absolutely hideous before.

But if you look carefully, you’ll notice I made some mistakes.  I should have left a flap of paper at the hinge on the inside of the box so that the hinge would be covered.  I forgot.  Also, since I wasn’t thinking, I rather beautifully covered inside of the book cover that is now completely obscured by “pages” of the book.  Because I did that, I ran out of large sheets of the green cardstock and I had to use two different pieces for the bottom of the box.  Oops.  Some of this stuff will be obscured as I proceed to the next segment of the process.  I’ll post that when I finish.

Btw, today is Chocolate Cake Day.  Have you had your slice of chocolate cake yet?


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