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Ok, remember this?

I finished it.  It looks like THIS!

The mannequin is a work of art.

Tada!  The geese are window shopping!

Yes, yes they are.  And I know what they were thinking too.  The goose in front was a male goose and he was totally looking for windows, not realizing that he was standing in front of a fashionable girl’s clothing store.  The other goose, his wife, was looking for a pink dress for their daughter.  That was totally what they were thinking.  I know.

Anyway, I saw these geese whilst I was in Indiana.  The tech and I were on our way to the Home Depot next door in search of wire ties and possibly a nice set of screwdrivers.  Apparently all his nice smaller ones had gone missing.  I was so amused by these geese.  They were standing so still, looking so intently at the dresses in the window.  Well, the girl goose was.  Her husband was totally looking for windows.  He probably meant to go to the Home Depot.

I saw/we did a lot of ridiculous things while we were in Indiana.  More so than usual, I think.  We did things like:

  • shop for a smelly candle.  The tech said that his hotel room smelled really bad and he couldn’t take it.  So he wanted a smelly candle.  I thought that was weird because a) he’s a smoker, I would think his room would just smell like smoke, and b) older males like smelly candles?  We spent so much time in Meijer looking for smelly candles and then picking one out.  I think he settled on a melon scented one.
  • buy a lawn ornament.  Yes, a lawn ornament.  But, it was a really cool lawn ornament.
    Isn’t it great?  I went out late at night on the last day I was there to get the moose.  It also took me awhile to figure out how I was going to get it back to CA with me.  I finally opted to buy a reusable shopping bag and stick the moose in it and made it my carry on.  The moose pretty much filled the entire bag.  I got lots of comments on the moose going through IND when checking in my suitcase (stupid tools) and going through security.  Btw, I believe it’s a plaster moose but it’s molded and painted to look like wood.  The moose currently decorates the top of my bookshelf.
  • shop for cheese, salmon, olives, water crackers, etc.  What’s more ridiculous is that my room didn’t have a fridge.  It was supposed to, but they somehow forgot to put one in there.  I did have a whirlpool though.  What am I supposed to do with a whirlpool?  Someone suggested shabu shabu (the most giantest shabu shabu ever…EVAR).  I was thinking of filling it with ice and making it into a fridge for my cheese.
  • watch geese people watching.  I’m sure that’s what they were doing.
  • look for indoor go-karting.  I found a few places, but we ended up being too tired/lazy to go.
  • have long conversations with the waiter about guitars.

Overall, it was probably one of my more entertaining trips I’ve taken for work.  I mean, yes, we had to work our stupid long hours, but it was interspersed with all this ridiculousness.  That made things much better.


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