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My friend had a baby shower recently.  I was invited to go.  I had never been to a baby shower before.  I knew presents are involved and that it’s generally related to babies.  Other than that, I was kind of at a loss.  But, no matter!  Even with such sketchy knowledge, I made her a card anyway!

Um...I forgot to take a picture of it. And no, that's not what I wrote on the clouds.

So, it kind of looked like that.  I didn’t do a concept sketch beforehand so I doodled out what it ended up looking like after I gave it to her (and realized I didn’t take a picture of it).  I used mainly the Create a Critter cartridge from my Cricut to make the card.  I ended up welding some clouds together to make bigger ones and I found a flat bottomed cloud in Craft Room (I think).  Too bad you can’t see the actual card.  I was rather amused by it.  I made it from a bluish 6″x12″ piece of cardstock folded in offset thirds.  The front flap was trimmed so that there was more cloudy rufflies on the leftmost edge.

Anyway, true to form, I had a theme.  I decided my friend’s baby will need stimulation.  So I bought him basically all the toys on the registry.  Toys are important.  Now then, it’s a baby shower, so I think there is…rain?  Maybe a lot?  Enough to make a puddle?  And there are a bunch of toys for him.  So maybe it’s raining toys?  The giraffe is there because I like them.  And it fit better than the elephant, which also was kind of a theme for the shower.  And monkeys.  But I didn’t make any monkeys.  Anyway, there were a lot of booties, baby singlets, rubber duckies, and t-rexes raining down.  Because…these are obviously things that would rain down during a baby shower.  So obvious.


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