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Daily Archives: June 4th, 2012

I’m back in the office…finally.  It’s nice to be back home, but trying to get ready to go into the office was really difficult last night.  I hadn’t done it in a month.  What do I normally bring with me to the office?  Why can’t I remember?

Anyway, one of the things FSB had told me before he ditched us in WI, is that by the time I got back to CA, he would have already quit smoking (again) because I was giving him a hard time about it in WI.   Welp…he hasn’t.  I caught him at it.  He looked guilty when he told me he hadn’t quit yet.  So, as an encouragement, I sent him this comic.

Image links to original comic.

This is really encouraging, right?  (He hasn’t said anything about it yet.)