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Daily Archives: June 18th, 2012

I recently had to pick up a lot of food from King Lobster Palace (their dim sum is pretty okay) for Wedding Reception Part Two (lightning, thunder, ominous drum roll).  Except then I realized it could have been from any one of these places.  (I do not know if any of places are real, I am too lazy to do the research.)

  • Emperor Scallop Castle
  • Prince Prawn Palace
  • Baron Anchovy Estate
  • Princess Cod Chateau
  • Earl Eel Manor
  • Duchess Dogfish Mansion
  • Viscount Barracuda Salon
  • Duke Blowfish Tower
  • Marque Halibut Hall
  • Czar Crawfish Alcazar
  • Kaiser Oyster Hacienda
  • Sultan Squid Chateau

Um…I’m guessing some of these places are fusion places.