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So, here’s something from the ridiculous week of getting ALL THE PROJECTS done.  Well, actually I think I completed this before that week.  It was my foray into the ALL THE PROJECTS territory.  And it’s safe to show now because they told me they received the hoofs already.

This card was for Guybrush and Sheri.  I mentioned their wedding here and here.  I made the card with a gradient of purple because…I never get to use purple paper.  Most of the stuff was cut with the Cricut (Create a Critter, some random mustaches I picked up, whatever sans serif font cartridge that is, and Robotz).

Here’s a better shot of the bird with a mustache about as long as the bird itself.  How does one fly with a mustache as big as oneself?  Things to ponder.

So, I decided that since Guybrush and Sheri are polar opposites (in that she is the most ridiculous person EVAR and he is the most normal person EVAR), the card needed to have two sides to suit their personalities.  The problem is, I’m probably about as ridiculous as Sheri so I have a very poor grasp of what normal is.  I think I can fake being normal better than she can though.  HA!

Anyway, the mustachioed cows are obviously for Sheri.  Because she likes cows.  And also mustaches.  Also, they requested that I live tweet their wedding, which I complied, so I thought I’d give her a fake mustached twitter bird too.  Oh, and that ridiculous tape she gifted to me that one time.  It’s perfect for a wedding card.  Even though it vaguely mentions birthdays on it.  In poor grammar.  And spelling.  Because it was from an Asian stationery store.  Which are the best.  BEST.

So, Guybrush’s side was a bit more problematic because like I said, I have a hard time knowing what normal really is.  I finally decided that in this case, it meant sensible.  So I tried to make sensible choices for his card.  I also arbitrarily decided on some of his interests.  Like sprinkles (just because) and robots (because he’s an engineer) and cleaning (because he married Sheri) and grilling (because what guy doesn’t like to eat food cooked in a fire?).  Also, because this was a wedding card, I stuck a wedding related sticker on it.  That’s important.  Oh, and I used black duct tape at the seams because duct tape is much more sensible than ridiculous, Asian stationery store, birthday, not even washi tape.

And here’s the envelope.  I rather like the paper.  I had a lot of trouble cutting things to size since I was doing this in the midst of unemployment and apparently forgot everything I ever learned about math.  I was pretty annoyed with myself.  Srsly, I worked as an engineer all this time??

Anyway, tada!  The most ridiculous wedding card you ever did see!


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