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I was recently informed that certain trees smell like fish when they are in bloom.  Unfortunately, I never wrote down what tree is supposed to smell like fish and I’m too lazy to ask again.  My imagination provided me with ample information.  Actually, I imagined this even before the person told me what kind of tree they were smelling.  And then they told me what the tree was and I was disappointed.  Or at least, I remember being disappointed when I was told what the tree was.  I also remember thinking that the tree doesn’t smell like fish at all.  Too bad I can’t remember what the tree actually was.  Anyway, the tree my imagination was much better.  So behold!  I present you the weeping willow dead tree fish!

I just figure that the tree smells like dead fish.  Live fish don’t normally smell like anything.  (Never buy a fish from the market if it smells fishy; it’s gone bad.)  The blossoms must look like dead fish.  Actually, I think it’s the fruit that looks like dead fish.  It must be a stinky tree.  The tree is probably sad that it has to stink.  So it weeps.  The only trees that weep are weeping willows.  So there you go, a weeping willow dead fish tree.  Tada!


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