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Daily Archives: August 1st, 2012

Sometimes at work, I have to review documents from various manufacturers. Usually, I’m just looking at spec sheets and the like. Those tend to be fairly dull and I don’t read them for their entertainment value. I’m searching for specific information and when I find it, that’s the end of it.

So recently, I needed to find some particular information for IDEC power supplies. I had found the information I wanted on a vendor’s website. And while I do trust this vendor and have utilized their services before, I really needed the original document they were quoting from because it’s really bad form to try and prove something to a client and the only thing you have is basically hearsay. While I continued looking for this information from the manufacturer, I found…


And this.

It’s from the manufacturer’s brochure.  The images link to the original spec sheet.  So um…what are these doing in the middle of my very serious documentation that lists row after row of specs? I was entertained by it though. And my project manager told me that I should order some of those little tuxedos for our power supplies (the thin ones).