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Daily Archives: August 17th, 2012

So, I went and made a this.

It’s the kissing couple card from Creative Popup Cards.

It…actually gave me a lot of trouble.  Not the cutting this time.  The Silhouette was a huge help there.  Every other time I made popup cards, I cut everything out by hand with an Xacto knife.  It works…it just takes a lot of time.  And I don’t think I would have attempted that method with this particular card.  So.  Much.  Cutting.

Anyway, so this card gave me a lot of trouble.  Why?  Because I made this during the week of ALL THE PROJECTS, which you’ll recall was during my period of technically being unemployed.  And, I think this card was the last thing I made during that week.  I was deeply entrenched in my inability to do math and measure things properly at that point.  It was…bad.

So…this wasn’t the original front of the card. I had to add that tag on because of…problems.

So because of all my issues, here’s Rich’s video for the popup card so you can see it in all it’s popuppiness.

Why did I decide to make this particular card for the bride and groom?  Because this is totally what they reminded me of every time I saw them before the wedding.  I didn’t actually make it to the wedding, but from what I hear, this card is completely appropriate because this is how they were during the wedding too.

Obtw, I had the Silhouette outline the lettering (French Script MT) for me for the front of the card and then I filled it in.  Silhouette FTW!  Could never have done that with the Cricut.

Obligatory moose stamp.