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Daily Archives: October 15th, 2012

So, a thing recently happened. This thing caused a lot of my hair to fall off. I was the sole cause to this thing. For you see, sometimes I get this overwhelming urge to play with scissors in the middle of the night. I can often fight this urge off, as overwhelming as it is. But this time it was exacerbated by the fact that I recently acquired a set of CreaClip…clips. And in case it is still unclear, this thing involved me cutting my hair.

I actually don’t remember how I found out about the CreaClip. It seems that they advertise solely via infomercials. Now then, I actually like infomercials. I think they’re ridiculous and often hilarious. I just like to watch them for the hilarity of it all. I hardly ever buy anything because of an infomercial. Maybe because they’re just too ridiculous with their claims. This isn’t to say that all infomercial products are shams. We do own some infomercial products, except that we didn’t buy them through infomercials. We’ve acquired them from actual stores after they became really popular…due to their claims panning out, I guess.

Now for the CreaClip, I’ve never seen one of their infomercials on TV. I don’t actually watch much TV anymore and when I do, normally it’s stuff I’ve recorded so I can skip through commercials or I just have the TV on in the background for white noise while I work on projects. I don’t actually pay attention to what’s airing during that time. And actually, if I want white noise, I normally put on a podcast. So that might be part of it. Also, I especially don’t watch much TV when infomercials are generally aired.

I have seen CreaClip infomercials on YouTube though. Maybe that’s how I found out about them. Maybe I was YouTubing for ways to cut your own hair and their infomercials popped up. That seems reasonable. And that must have led me back to their site where I perused more YouTube videos of their product. And that must have also led me to look on Amazon to see if anyone else sold their product through Amazon because then there would be a chance for reviews. Also, it’s because I had no intention of paying 20$+ for some plastic with a level on it to get results I could do by just using hair ties, which I have in abundance. Which I also lose in abundance. But more so, which I break in abundance.

At any rate, I ended up finding a Hong Kong seller that was selling through Amazon what ended up being the original Japanese version of the CreaClip for only 5$ with free shipping. I decided that this was a marvelous deal and that I would be willing to part with 5$ in order to get some plastic with a level built into it. And thus, a set of CreaClips were acquired.

What I found: the plastic is of pretty good quality. I was half afeared that I would be getting something really flimsy (or nothing at all, seeing as how it was coming from HK and it was free shipping) that would break the moment you touched it. It’s not. It’s pretty durable. The level is solidly attached and won’t snap off when you’re moving it around. I’m actually kind of impressed with what I got for 5$. Not that I think that the material is worth much more than that. Plastic is cheap. But the idea and execution are quite good. Together, I’d think it’s worth the 20$ I see it priced at. I have also seen it priced at 39.99$. I do not think it’s worth that much. If you want one, I highly recommend that you continue shopping around if it’s being offered to you at 40$. I don’t necessarily recommend buying from sellers in HK that offer free shipping because there is a very high chance of you getting a knockoff (I got lucky) or a sense of disappointment when you realize your shipment is never going to arrive. If you can find it for a reasonable price locally, definitely go that route.

Erm…this post was originally going to show how all my hair fell off, but it’s getting kind of long and I’ve only talked about the background…and gave a semi-review of the CreaClip. I guess I’ll just have to break it up and you get to see what happens when I play with scissors and a CreaClip some other time. Huzzah!