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Monthly Archives: November 2012

In case you were wondering, no “lamentous” is not a word. Sometimes I like to make up words to suit my needs.

Anyway, this is indeed an occasion full of woe and lamenting, for you see…I had a crafty post all thought up and a sample made. But alas, things happened and I do not have time to write it (and also be useful at work tomorrow, which is really today). These things also involved me soothing myself with half a box of fake Oreos. I do not recommend this method. Please do as I say and not as a do.

So…filler. And tis indeed a shark! I felt like drawing some sharks recently and I even drew one that is so fitting for today’s post!


Oh, woe is him!

He’s actually my second favorite shark I drew that day. Maybe sometime I’ll post my favoritest shark I’ve drawn thus far!


As you may know, my mother keeps a brood of hens.  She says it’s so we can have eggs and eventually chicken (when they get too old to lay eggs), but I think it might be more because of nostalgia.  She had a flock of chickens and ducks growing up as a child.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that one of the chickens, a Barred Rock,

she’s acquired is a huge bully.  HUGE bully.  The Barred Rock arrived with a Buff Orpington

who is also pretty big.  Together, they bully the entire brood of hens, with the Orpington filling the role of the lackey.

Actually, they kind of remind me of Bulk and Skull of Power Ranger fame.  Yes, I did just bring Power Rangers into this post.  I would have mentioned Voltron instead, but Voltron didn’t have a duo of bullies.  Now, Bulk and Skull were kind of ineffective as bullies, but they were a duo.  I can’t think of any other team of bullies that only involved a pair.  So anyway, I present to you the Bulk and Skull of our chickens.

They’re pretty mean to the other chickens.  The Barred Rock has her pick of food bowls.  When she goes toward one, all the other chickens, with the exception of the Buff Orpington run away.  They seriously run the other direction.  It’s not a saunter.  There’s no pretending that they’re suddenly interested in something else on the other side of the yard.  It’s fleeing…in terror.  The Orpington doesn’t inspire as much terror in the other chickens, but they’re wary of her too, since the Barred Rock and Buff Orpington like to hang out together.  The Barred Rock sometimes picks on the Orpington too.  The Orpington just kind of takes it.

That was it.  I just thought you’d like to know that some of the chickens think they’re part of the Power Rangers.

Btw, in writing this post, I learned that a group of mixed chickens is a flock of chickens.  A group of hens is a brood of hens.  A group of chicks is a peep or clutch of chicks.

Photos used with permission under Creative Commons and link back to the photographer’s site.

“The more you know” clip I assume is owned by NBC since their logo appears directly afterward, but I just found it on youtube and since no one has sued to take it down since it’s gone up (2009) I assume it’s ok to embed it here.