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In case you were wondering, no “lamentous” is not a word. Sometimes I like to make up words to suit my needs.

Anyway, this is indeed an occasion full of woe and lamenting, for you see…I had a crafty post all thought up and a sample made. But alas, things happened and I do not have time to write it (and also be useful at work tomorrow, which is really today). These things also involved me soothing myself with half a box of fake Oreos. I do not recommend this method. Please do as I say and not as a do.

So…filler. And tis indeed a shark! I felt like drawing some sharks recently and I even drew one that is so fitting for today’s post!


Oh, woe is him!

He’s actually my second favorite shark I drew that day. Maybe sometime I’ll post my favoritest shark I’ve drawn thus far!


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